The Ovato Print team goes the extra mile for R.M.Williams

Ovato Group Marketing 

The Ovato teams at Warwick Farm and Moorebank have just produced the seasonal R.M.Williams Spring/Summer 2020 catalogue.

The R.M.Williams Creative and Marketing departments opted for the larger format portrait catalogue to allow the spectacular photography from the shoot at Lake Bumbunga to have maximum impact. In addition to the change in format, the paper selection and stitching needed to make an impression and reflect the brand’s inherent high quality and craftsmanship. Copper stitching wire was chosen to add that extra special touch to the printed product.

After much hunting to find a supplier, we were advised that copper stitching wire was not available, but an alternative bronze stitching wire was located. Problem solved … or so we thought!

However, once we moved to the saddle stitching stage, we discovered that the bronze stitching wire could not fully penetrate and clinch the thick catalogue pages together.

Over the next day, Ovato’s team spent time searching and scouring the country for alternatives, which involved much ferrying of samples back and forth to our client.

  • Black wire was tested, but like the bronze wire, this was too soft.
  • Traditional silver stitching wire was tested, but none of us were happy with the look.
  • After more brainstorming with all areas of the business, our Moorebank maintenance manager John Tanoff tracked down a previous contact from 20 years ago and they came up with the idea to test copper welding wire.
  • Technically it worked.
  • Creatively the client loved it.

Bravo to all staff involved for working together and demonstrating how Ovato is willing to persevere to solve a business problem and realise a client’s brief.