Continuity is king: The importance of continuity of marketing for your brand

Ben Hannan - Head of Marketing and Corporate Operations, Ovato

It’s hard to have a conversation with someone that’s stop-start. It could be because of outside interruptions; maybe the reception on your phone is no good, or your internet connection is struggling that day. But having to hang up and redial or only hearing half of what the other person is saying can be a frustrating experience.

The same can be said with your marketing.

Imagine you’re a customer, and the brand you love isn’t consistent with its messaging. They speak and act differently from day to day and don’t communicate often. You’ll eventually get annoyed and completely tune out, right?

That’s why brand continuity is so important. Because without it, your biggest fans won’t know what you stand for, won’t hear what you’re saying, and ultimately will stop listening.

What is brand continuity?

The answer is key because while it involves consistency, it isn’t the sole focus.

Brand continuity is all about maintaining a consistent image, experience, engagement, and comms across all your brand’s marketing activities, whatever channel the activity is on. It’s vital to succeed with your marketing.

By being consistent across your platforms, you’re showing your customers what your brand personality is in a unified and cohesive way. To refer to a real-life conversation again, you wouldn’t say one thing to a friend in conversation and then say the opposite the next time you spoke. They’d be confused, possibly hurt, and in the end, untrusting of what you say.

The more customers can identify with your brand, what you’re saying and what you stand for, the higher the chance they invest in your relationship, creating evangelists for your product or service.

Why does it matter?

Making sure you’re speaking with continuity and consistency is crucial because your brand is everything to your business.  

Establishing your identity with your customers costs you time and money. Designing a logo, building your brand, getting traction – it’s all done through your hard work. Wasting that investment on a scattergun approach to your messaging is like setting money on fire; it leaves people confused about who you are and what you do.

Continuity matters because it lets people know what you stand for. It leaves a lasting impression on potential and existing customers alike. After all, people prefer brands that they understand, relate to, and believe will follow through on their promises.

Finally, brand continuity is important because it helps set you apart from competitors. Wherever your brand is, competitors are also likely to be. A consolidated message across all your channels means that people will know who you are and what you do and will be able to pick you out from the crowd.

How do you maintain it?

Pretty simple question, right? But the answer is more nuanced than you’d expect.

Maintaining brand continuity means keeping the same visual appeal and messaging across all platforms. The core of your brand is its identity, and a strong brand identity delivers improved market visibility, giving you an advantage over the competition.

When you’ve established your brand identity, it’s essential to go to the market with a properly defined brand strategy. Without planning how you intend to build on your name, you can’t keep your message consistent. Your marketing and comms should be actioned with a clearly defined goal in mind, lest they begin to wander.

And customers prefer brands that act ethically. Reputational damage in the age of social media is merciless and swift, so being consistent, trustworthy, and transparent with your message builds your reputation in customers' eyes.

The importance of being honest

Building a brand isn’t simple or quick, and if you communicate with existing or prospective customers in a muddled or unclear way, the work will be much harder than it needs to be.

Ensuring that your brand speaks clearly in whatever channels you’re communicating in – be it social media, your website, or eDMs – means you’re more believable, better understood, and more trustworthy.

That’s why putting real effort into establishing and maintaining your brand and its continuity is so important for your business’s success. It will benefit you now, but more importantly, it will have a lasting impact and benefit you well into the future.