Reach precise target audiences at scale with addressed direct marketing

Daniel Warwick - Group Sales Manager, Residential Distribution, Ovato

Along with phone calls, mail was once the main way we communicated with each other. Now, it’s part of a long list of communications channels, including social media, email and mobile messaging.

Despite this, direct mail continues to succeed as a marketing tool, due to its ability to remain in the home as a physical reminder for days and weeks after delivery. A delivered print catalogue has also been shown to enhance a customer’s ability to visualise and imagine experiences with your products.

According to research from Australia Post and Accenture, 56 per cent of 18-34 year olds trust mail, and 62 per cent feel important when they receive it.

58 per cent of people who receive it are likely to make a purchase or follow up on an offer from a brand. Mail also boasts high cut-through, as 81 per cent of consumers report that they read mail immediately.

Although marketing through the mailbox still has a hold on a sizeable portion of the population, getting it to people is becoming more complicated as letter deliveries slow in the face of increased parcel loads. Enter Addressed Direct Marketing.

Alternative delivery

You might not have heard of addressed direct marketing before, but you’ve probably received it. It’s the addressed delivery of promotional material to your letterbox by a distribution network which isn’t the national mail carrier. Think the Christmas catalogues that come to loyalty club members from retailers like Myer.

Traditionally, residential distribution has largely been an unaddressed service. That’s the delivery of catalogues and other promotional material en masse across the country. Think of the Woolworths and Bunnings catalogues that appear in so many letterboxes around Australia.

If you have a customer’s address, and permission to contact them, can use addressed direct marketing to send tailored marketing material straight to their letterbox.

What’s the difference?

Addressed direct marketing offers a delivery path for brands wanting to reach targeted customers across a wide area, with reduced delivery costs compared to mass marketing.

Unaddressed direct marketing and addressed direct marketing, work well together because they reach and target different parts of your customer base. While unaddressed mail covers larger numbers with letterbox drops, addressed mail is a more precise and targeted delivery that goes to the people most engaged with your brand.

Addressed direct marketing through a distribution network can deliver better outcomes and potentially greater reach when combined with the other forms of advertising. With a smart combination of addressed and unaddressed, you’re able to engage or re-engage with all your potential customers.

Not out of reach

The Ovato distribution network is extensive and Australia-wide, with 6.7 million Australian homes under its umbrella. Depending on your objectives and targets, we can help you reach a significant portion of the Australian population.

Australians of all ages and demographics still love the humble catalogue, so being able to reach them at scale gives you another weapon in your arsenal. And that’s especially true when you integrate your print marketing with digital marketing techniques.

As a piece of content that can be shared with other people and handled physically, print grabs a customer’s attention and points them towards your brand’s online touchpoints. You can drive people to a physical or online store, encourage sign-ups for your loyalty program or promote your social media channels. As part of an integrated marketing strategy, your addressed material gets your brand in front of more people.

Letterbox drop

Boasting extensive reach across Australia, cheaper per unit cost for delivery and the ability to deliver impactful marketing collateral, addressed distribution is a worthy alternative to more traditional mail services for your brand.

To find out more about how Ovato’s distribution network can help spread the word about your brand, speak to us today.