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Reaching more relevant shoppers

Dan Murphy’s is a liquor chain store. Over the past five years, it has expanded from five stores in Victoria to over 226 stores nationwide.

Dan Murphy’s wanted to maximise the performance of its catalogue by reaching the shoppers most likely to purchase across its range. To appeal to customers who were ready to pull the trigger on a purchase, Dan Murphy’s reached out to Ovato for assistance. Ovato, in an exclusive partnership with Quantium, leveraged Quantium’s leading data science capabilities and data ecosystem to identify delivery areas that contained the most valuable audiences for the brand, based on purchase behaviour.

Identified delivery areas that contained the most valuable audiences

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Industry snapshot

Industry snapshot

Market growth with no increase in marketing spend

This scientific approach to targeting had a massive impact on Dan Murphy’s next campaign.

This approach realigned 25% of the selected areas meaning the catalogue reached more customers with the same marketing budget.

Campaign 1





Likely buyers:


Campaign 2





Likely buyers:


The impacts we unlocked

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Melissa LoBianco quote

"Working with Ovato, we reached 234,552 more liquor shoppers for the same marketing investment."

Melissa LoBianco, Marketing Manager
– Value & Trade
Dan Murphy’s

Campaign Results

Campaign Results

This put the brand in front of more likely buyers.

More loyal shoppers

More penetration

Positive returns from data driven targeting