Leading retailer – successfully targets lucrative gap in the market

A data-driven strategy to reach and engage a new demographic


Turning a new page

We suggested the idea of creating a ‘rental catalogue’, distributed to areas with high percentages of renters, to see if this tailored content resonated with the audience segment it had struggled to capture in the past.

Dubbed ‘The Renter’s Edition’, the catalogue was designed with articles and creative relevant to renters, with a stronger focus on décor and home living.

We used data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, supplied by our exclusive data partner Quantium, to select regions with high numbers of renters. After identifying two regions, the areas were split, so half the residents received the usual catalogue, while the other half received the new renter’s edition. 

This allowed us to test the response and generate insights about the performance of the new catalogue. We compared the results to a similar audience based on the percentage of renters and prior spending behaviour with the retailer.

Products and services segmentation

Products and services segmentation
<h4>Marketing Manager<br>Leading Retailer</h4>

"We were very impressed by the results of the targeted rental catalogue delivery. Ovato exceeded our expectations and helped us tap into a brand new audience segment for a significant increase in sales."

Marketing Manager
Leading Retailer

The impacts we unlocked

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The rental catalogue was delivered to nearly 290,000 households.


Increasing spend from new audiences

The new catalogue approach attracted the attention of renters, a demographic the brand had struggled to capture for years, resulting in a 6.52% increase in overall sales from customers that received the rental-themed catalogue during the campaign period.

Not only did the campaign increase the number of customers, but the new approach resulted in those customers spending more money with the brand, proof that the catalogue is striking a chord with potential shoppers. Due to the strong campaign results, the retailer is in discussion with Ovato about implementing similar strategies that will increase spend further.

Campaign results

Campaign results

Results achieved by testing the response from one group that received the Core Catalogue compared to another group which received a Rental Catalogue.


Sales for the rental catalogue audience vs control was roughly equal the week the catalogue was delivered.

However, more customers from the rental catalogue audience were driven to purchase in weeks two and three of the campaign.